Ezequiel Bruni

I live on / create content for the Internet. I specialize in obsessing over the user experience, usability, and accessibility of websites. I can do it for you, too.

I've been designing websites for over a decade, and writing articles on web design and other topics on a freelance basis since 2013. I focus on making everything I write as easily-understood as possible, while also filling my articles with personality, and sometimes corny jokes.

Okay, there are nearly always corny jokes. Other topics I can be hired to write about include: gaming, entertainment in general, and technology in general.

I also offer consulting services:

  1. UX consultation - If you want someone to review the user experience and usability of your site, I can do that, and provide video with a running commentary of my findings. It's no substitute for user testing, but I'm always happy to act as a fresh set of eyes.
  2. Writing consultation and editing - Want to write an article, and make sure your point is getting across clearly? Want to make sure that you're explaining something complicated in the simplest way you can? I can help you with that.

Contact Me

The fastest way to hire me is to contact me through one of the means listed below. I don't tweet all that much, but I do keep an eye out for messages.

My Work

These are the articles of which I am most proud:



The year when they started asking me for a lot of "listicles".



The year I started writing a lot of "ultimate guides".